Intrinsically Safe Digital Thermometers for Hazardous Locations since 1983.
Designed and Made in the USA Description

  • ThermoTab computes the temperature and pressure volume correction factors for generalized crude oils, refined products, and lubricating oils.
  • ThermoTab computes using the procedures in the Manual for Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 11, Section 1 Addendum 1, (2007)
  • Once loaded onto the device’s browser enter the table name needed from the pull down menu, enter the temperature-density parameters and the Result will be the correction factor.
  • It is recommended that ThermoTab be Bookmarked into your Browser. Since ThermoTab is loaded into cache memory it can be used at any time, even if there is no internet connection available. ThermoTab will be removed from your device if the cache memory is cleared, but it is easily reloaded.